Route 61

Revealing the loving Father-heart of God...

Route 61 is a ministry led by Derek and Penny Oliver who have been connected to our church family for the last 10 years. This ministry is outward reaching and wants to carry the Father's heart to the nations.

Until recently Derek and Penny spent 3 years working as volunteers for The Kenyan Children’s Project, living in community with a family of vulnerable children and overseeing the work of the charity in and around Kakamega, Western Kenya.

What is Route 61?

Route 61 encourages others to discover their true identity as sons and daughters of God, to know God as Father and have their hearts transformed as they receive His love for themselves.

Route 61 facilitate, support and run workshop events for children, or adults, helping them to:

- Recognise and hear God’s voice for themselves
- Know and experience God as their loving father
- Receive healing and restoration from life’s hurts

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