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Receiving a Passion Faith Reload
by Owen Cooper

Taken from the book of Daniel 3 our faith should reflect to the world how important it is to have a passionate faith, living with integrity and no compromise in todays world.

Sun, 31st Mar 2019
Are You In The Rough?
by David Young

David reads from Proverbs 3:5-12 and shares a recent golfing experience in which he encourages us that if you feel in 'the rough, trust God with all your heart to help you through it.

Sun, 24th Mar 2019
A Cry For Help
by David Young

David looks at Acts 16 and the cry of the Man from Macedonia and how God wants us to have a heart to hear and see the needs of the people around us so that we can respond with His love.

Sun, 17th Mar 2019
What Can We Do To Build Our Part Of The Wall?
by Julian Hobbs

Julian shared from Nehemiah and asks us what we can do individually to help see the vision that HHCC has for Hemel Hempstead to come into fruition.

Sun, 10th Mar 2019
Loving Hemel Well
by David Young

David talks about our passion to love our town and how important it is this is not just a hashtag but something we do everyday, being a disciple of Jesus and inviting others to become disciples too.

Sun, 3rd Mar 2019
All Hands on Deck
by David Young

David reads from John 21 and talks about how he feels in this next season God is strengthening our hearts as we welcome more people into our Church. He encourages us to all contribute towards serving as we need all hands on deck!

Sun, 24th Feb 2019
What Does a Healthy Church Look Like?
by David Young

David talks about church growth and challenges us to think about what this looks like. He asks us to consider how we can participate in the joy of seeing our community coming to faith in Jesus.

Sun, 17th Feb 2019
The Great Exchange
by David Young

David asks us to consider the great exchange that Jesus offers us and how the power of His forgiveness transforms us as we not only receive this for ourselves but actively extend forgiveness to others

Sun, 10th Feb 2019
by Guest Speakers

Guest speaker and wonderful friend Liz Floutier shares an impactful prophetic message, including what God has shown her and spoken to her through various recent experiences.

Sun, 27th Jan 2019
Indian Adventure
by Owen Cooper

Owen and Kerry-Anne Cooper share about their recent trip to India where they spent time encouraging the pastors of the Church we are connected to and visiting the new Transformation School that has been established.

Sun, 20th Jan 2019
What Does the Future You Look Like?
by David Young

David talks about having a God inspired dream for your future and how we overcome the challenges that can get in the way of us becoming the person God wants us to be.

Sun, 13th Jan 2019
God is Longing to Express Himself
by David Young

David talks about the importance of the presence of God and how God is not just looking to be present with us, but is longing to be free to express himself, to release His power and do impossible things in 2019.

Sun, 6th Jan 2019
The Church - What makes us different from everyone else?
by David Young

David reflects on how the church does not have the monopoly on doing good and, looking at the heart of Moses, asks us to consider what should distinguish the church from other organisation in our community.

Sun, 16th Dec 2018
Everyday Encounters
by David Young

David speaks from Exodus 3 and looks at the story of Moses and the burning bush. He talks about how God is looking to get our attention and encounter us in our ordinary and everyday lives. 

Sun, 9th Dec 2018
When God is Listening
by David Young

Have you ever thought that God was not listening to you or that He only heard the prayers of special people? David talks about the fact that God is not struggling to hear us and that every word we prayer is known and treasured by Him.

Sun, 2nd Dec 2018
Stop Just Going to Church, Be the Church
by Kerry-Anne Cooper

Kerry-Anne shared with us heart behind Liberty Tea Rooms through which she encourages us to not just get filled up at church, but to go out give away what Jesus has given to us. 

Sun, 25th Nov 2018
Abundant Life, Want Some?
by Dennis and Kristine

Dennis and Kristine speak about how God is waiting arms wide open, offering us abundant life which is ours for the taking! They speak about our identity in God and knowing the immeasurable amount that God loves us, for ourselves.

Sun, 14th Oct 2018
Look at What You Have, Not What You Don't!
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek and Penny share with us some of the things God has been saying to them in recent months. Penny encourages us to run into the heart of God while Derek talks about his journey of learning to trust God to do the things that are impossible for us to do.

Sun, 7th Oct 2018
Let's Talk About Money | Part 5 | Participation, Stewardship & Allowing God to Overwhelm You
by David Young

As David continues to talk about money he talks about how our giving flows from the heart and that no-one is excluded from giving to God. He also asks us to consider how we are doing with what God has already given us and giving God permission to overwhelm us.

Sun, 30th Sep 2018
Living with Hope in your Heart
by Guest Speakers

Bob Kilpatrick looks at Acts 1:6 and Romans 12:9-13 and talks about the reality of faith, hope and love in our lives. The hope we have through having a relationship with God causes us to think and behave differently.

(We apologise for the quality of recording).

Sun, 16th Sep 2018
Let's Talk About Money | Part 4 | How do you think the ministry of the church should be funded?
by David Young

Continuing our conversation about money, David invites us to consider how the ministry of the local church should be funded. David speaks from a practical and personal perspective, taking a closer look at the biblical principal of tithing.

Sun, 9th Sep 2018
God's Heart to Release People from Debt and Captivity
by Owen Cooper

Owen speaks about how can we help people take the bold step of asking for help to overcome the captivity of debt. He look's Luke 4:18-19, where Jesus is asking the Church to live completely radical lives. Owen talks about how we can help set the captives free within the church and also out in the community.

Sun, 19th Aug 2018
The best is yet to come
by Kerry-Anne Cooper

Kerry-Anne speaks about how our personal relationship with God will effect our relationship's with the people around us and talks us through how these need to work in harmony.

Sun, 12th Aug 2018
Let's Talk About Money | Part 3 | Overcoming Fear, Anxiety and Stress
by David Young

David speaks about overcoming fear, anxiety and stress in relation to money and how our giving and generosity flows out of what is in our hearts.

Sun, 5th Aug 2018
Let’s talk about money | Part 2 | Why I Love to Tithe
by David Young

Continuing our conversation about money, David talks about the vital need for resources in order for us to bring sustainable transformation to our community and the reason why he loves to tithe.

Sun, 22nd Jul 2018
Cornergate Foundation - Being ready to share the reason for the hope we have
by Guest Speakers

Kim and Jo speak about the inspirational work of Cornergate Foundation with prisoners and ex-offenders in the local community and how we should always be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks us the reason for the hope that we have.

Sun, 15th Jul 2018
Worship Team Heart to Heart

Our Worship Team shared individually there thoughts on Worship, why we're passionate about Worship and what Worship means to them.

Sun, 8th Jul 2018
Let's Talk about Money | Part 1 | Basic Principles for Healthy Giving
by David Young

David starts a conversation about money and from 2 Corinthians 9 v 6-7 shares 4 basic guiding principals that empower us to give to God in a healthy way.

Sun, 1st Jul 2018
Mountains, Bikes & Marmite Crisps
by Owen Cooper

Owen talks about his journey through the mountains on his Three Peaks Challenge and shares what God spoke to him about during this time. 

Sun, 24th Jun 2018
Spiritual Maturity
by David Young

David speaks on making sure we're drawing from the true source of life, from God's Well, to help us in our walks with Him. He encourages us to not rely solely on others to feed our spiritual growth but for God to be the place we run to, allowing Him to be our true comforter. 

Sun, 17th Jun 2018
Youth Across Hemel
by Guest Speakers

We had the team from Youth Across Hemel share all about their work in our local secondary schools and with the youth in our town. 

Sun, 10th Jun 2018
God's Dream
by David Young

David looks at how God’s purpose for us is summed up in the Great Commandment. He talks about how God’s heart is that everyone may be empowered to participate in fulfilling God’s Dream and how Big Church and Small Church are both required to enable us to reach our full potential.

Sun, 3rd Jun 2018
Making History
by David Young

David reflects on the significant events that shape our lives and how in partnership with God we have an opportunity to influence the history of Hemel Hempstead by telling His story.

Sun, 27th May 2018
The God of Completion
by Guest Speakers

Liz shares from Philippians 1:6 how God is a God of completion and that He is at work in us to finish what he has started.

Sun, 20th May 2018
The Great Restorer
by David Young

David talks about how God is the Great Restorer of broken lives and He is always looking at every heart with the hope of transformation.


Sun, 13th May 2018
James, Margaret and Jane's African Adventure
by Guest Speakers

Three members of our church family recently went out to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, to visit Paul and Sally at the Zimpeto Children's Centre. They spoke about what they did, the experiences they had and how God worked through them. 

Sun, 29th Apr 2018
by Phil Young

Phil speaks about weakness, encouraging us to be vulnerable with each other and share our struggles.

Sun, 22nd Apr 2018
Dealing with Relational Conflict in a Healthy Way : Part 3
by David Young

David continues on the topic of relational conflict and talks about forgiveness. He encourages us to not just talk about forgiveness, but for us to genuinely live with a heart overflowing with forgiveness, like Jesus does with us.

Sun, 15th Apr 2018
The Easter Story
by David Young

David looks at the event's surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. He talks about the way  that Jesus walked in our shoes and offered us hope an forgiveness through the cross.

Sun, 1st Apr 2018
Dealing With Relational Conflict in a Healthy Way : Part 2
by David Young

David continues to talk about how we relate to each other, as a family of believers, in a healthy way. He looks at how we take responsibility for our own behaviour and the attitude we should clothe ourselves with as we relate to each other.

Sun, 25th Mar 2018
Dealing With Relational Conflict in a Healthy Way
by David Young

David looks at some of the tools God has given us, to enable us to deal with conflict in a healthy way.

Sun, 11th Mar 2018
Fire Values: Extending the Kingdom through the equipping, empowering and anointing of the Holy Spirit
by David Young

In the last of this series David talks about how the person of God and power cannot be separated. When we release the power of God to extend the kingdom of God we reveal what God is like.

Sun, 25th Feb 2018
Fire Values: Restoration of the Heart and Soul
by Kerry-Anne Cooper

Kerry-Anne speaks from 2 Samuel 9, on the story of David's Kindness to Mephibosheth which illustrates how God brings restoration to our heart, mind and soul. She set up a dining table complete with beautiful crockery and invited us to dine with God.

Sun, 18th Feb 2018
Fire Values: Intimacy, Presence and Hearing God's Voice
by David Young

In the second week of this series David talks about how God wants to relate to us in an intimate and personal way, and how the Holy Spirit brings the person and presence of the Trinity permanently to us.

Sun, 11th Feb 2018
Fire Values: Farther's Love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ
by David Young

At the start of this series David talks about how we come into a relationship with God as our Heavenly Father. He talks about how we know what His love is like and overcoming obstacles to us knowing God as Father.

Sun, 4th Feb 2018
It's About the One
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Penny shares on God's passionate love for each and every one of us. She speaks about how important it is to know the love of our heavenly Father deep down inside, as we cannot give away what haven't received ourselves. 

Sun, 21st Jan 2018
Making Jesus Famous
by David Young

David reflects on some of the highs and lows of 2017. He looks forward into the new year and shares 3 ways in which we can make Jesus famous in our community. 

Sun, 7th Jan 2018
What Does the Lord Require of You?
by Phil Young

Phil speaks from Micah 6v6 and talks in more depth about the 3 simple things that God requires of us.

Sun, 3rd Dec 2017
The Mountains We Face in Life

David shares about overcoming the challenges we may face in life and Emma later shares a testimony about overcoming her own mountain.

Sun, 26th Nov 2017
Breaking Down the Lords Prayer
by Kerry-Anne Cooper

Kerry-Anne talks us through Mathew 6 v 9:13. She strips each verse back to help us interpret the meaning behind each sentence, whilst sharing from her own life experiences.

Sun, 19th Nov 2017
6 Things We Value
by David Young

David talks about some of things that are important to us as a church family, relationship with God, the unity of believers, our mandate to go, stopping for the one, lifting up the poor and how the Holy Spirit is integral in everything.

Sun, 29th Oct 2017
The Heart of a Disciple
by Dennis and Kristine

Dennis and Kristine talk about the great commission and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. They share from their own experiences and speak prophetically over the church. 

Sun, 15th Oct 2017
Building an Ark for God
by Michael Downing

Michael shares his thoughts about finding your secret place, where you can focus on connecting with and hearing from God. 

Sun, 1st Oct 2017
Bumps in the Road
by Phil Young

Phil shares about life's bumps in the road and from his own experience reminds us of the truth that god is always with us. We spent some time reflecting on a song Phil played at the end, linked here.


Sun, 24th Sep 2017
Paul and Sally go to Mozambique
by Guest Speakers

Paul and Sally update us on their plans for their time in Mozambique.

Sun, 3rd Sep 2017
A Thought on Worship
by David Young

David shares from Genesis 12 and encourages us to have a heart of Worship like Abraham. 

Sun, 27th Aug 2017
Dreams and Pearls
by Kerry-Anne Cooper

Kerry Anne reads from the story of Joseph and talks about how God is a dreamer. She encourages us to praise God in the hallway, trust God with our pearls and to continue to speak to other dreamers alike. 

Sun, 20th Aug 2017
When There is no Reversing
by David Young

David shares about a recent challenging car journey with a caravan in tow and how when our we are required to take unexpected diversions in life God is with us and His love is always enough.

Sun, 13th Aug 2017
Our Journeys

Sally speaks on everyone's individual walk with God and what some different paths look like. She reminds us that God is with us on our journeys and shares on her own journey with God.

Sun, 6th Aug 2017
Shoes and Feet
by David Young

David talks about trying to walk in someone else's shoes and about how it is impossible to compare yourself to others, when you are unique.

Sun, 2nd Jul 2017
Don't Sell Your Birth Right
by Guest Speakers

Norman and Margret Moss are Partners in Harvest regional coordinators and we have the privilege of them sharing with us. We have amazing testimonies from Margret relating to her work in hospitals and Norman looks at the story of Jacob and Esau, and encourages us not to give up our birth right.

Sun, 25th Jun 2017
What kind of town do we want Hemel Hempstead to be?
by David Young

David talks about how a great town can be judged not by the lack of needy people in the community but by their capacity and compassion to care for them.

Sun, 18th Jun 2017
The Trinity
by David Young

David looks at the theology of the Trinity and how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit compliment each other in their distinctive roles.

Sun, 4th Jun 2017
Overcome Evil with Good
by David Young

David shares in the week of the Manchester bombings about how we should respond and how we can make Jesus known in our communities.

Sun, 28th May 2017
A Normal Day
by David Young

David shares the story of a surfer lost at sea and encourages us to always be ready to give a reason for our hope in Jesus.

Sun, 7th May 2017
Marathons - How do we run?
by David Young

David draws inspiration from the London marathon and talks about gorilla suits, running for love and never being alone in the race.

Sun, 30th Apr 2017
Jesus Empowers Extraordinary Followers
by Guest Speakers

Owen shares about the story of Paul and Silas from Acts 16. He encourages us to be extraordinary followers of Jesus.

Sun, 23rd Apr 2017
The Resurrection and the Life
by David Young

On Easter Sunday David incorporates an Easter quiz into his message, where he reminds us of the evidence of Jesus' life and the power of the resurrection.

Sun, 16th Apr 2017
by Guest Speakers

Dan and Gwen Slade are the international directors of Partners in Harvest. Dan provides an update on the work of PIH in europe and beyond, and reminds us of the importance of prayer.

Sun, 2nd Apr 2017
Returning to Mozambique

Paul and Sally share their journey and history with Mozambique and there plans to return there later this year.

Sun, 19th Feb 2017
Prayer : A Declaration of who God is
by David Young

David looks at the story of Paul and Silas in Act:16 and talks about how the power of prayer is revealed through there experience. 

Sun, 5th Feb 2017
Derek and Penny's Commissioning
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek and Penny speak about there time in Kenya. They talk about what they have been doing in Kenya and there vision of what they will do when they return. Most importantly they share about what God has put on there hearts and how He has been in the middle of there journey. 

Sun, 22nd Jan 2017
Our Position and Perspective in Prayer
by David Young

David shares about his own journey in prayer. He speaks about how we are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father and knowing our position in prayer provides us with the right perspective in prayer.

Sun, 15th Jan 2017
Prayer & Unity
by David Young

David shares what he feels God has for us in 2017 with a fresh focus on Pray and Unity. 

Sun, 8th Jan 2017
How Many Thoughts do you Think God Has About You?
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek and Penny share about the amazing level of love God has for us. The amount of thoughts God has towards you is so large we cannot comprehend it. They encourage us to stop and ask God, what he is thinking about us. 

Sun, 4th Dec 2016
Partners in Harvest
by Guest Speakers

Bob and Eileen explain how our Church is apart of a wider global family called Partners In Harvest. They speak about the main values of Partners In Harvest and give insight to what our Church family is apart of.

Sun, 20th Nov 2016
Behaviour is the Tip of the Iceberg
by David Young

David speaks about how our behaviour can often be just the tip of the iceberg and how the real problem that we need to address is hidden under the surface in our hearts.

Sun, 6th Nov 2016
Invitation to the Thirsty
by David Young

David speaks about how God does not exclude anyone from coming to Him. A relationship with Him is open to everyone and He invites us to come just as we are. 

Sun, 30th Oct 2016
Work and Worship
by David Young

David speaks about how we can worship God in and through our work. 

Sun, 23rd Oct 2016
Knowing God's Love & Forgiveness - Part 1
by Guest Speakers

Dennis and Kristine share about knowing God's love and forgiveness. We can only love others to the extent that we know God's love for us and by forgiving others we set ourselves free.

Sun, 16th Oct 2016
Knowing God's Love & Forgiveness - Part 2
by Guest Speakers

Dennis and Kristine continue to share about knowing God's love and forgivingness. Kristine also talks about how we can all learn to hear God's voice. 

Sun, 16th Oct 2016
Liberty Tea Rooms
by Guest Speakers

Kerry Anne shares about her fantastic community project 'Liberty Tea Rooms'. She talks about her journey with the project and how she has partnered with her heavenly Father to make this dream a reality. 

Sun, 9th Oct 2016
The Importance of Making Jesus Known
by Guest Speakers

Owen shares how Jesus is really passionate about us going out and making disciples. He explores how we can do that as a community of believers and what that may look like. 

Sun, 25th Sep 2016
by David Young

David shares on the biblical teaching of baptisms. He explains the importance and meaning behind being baptised. 

Sun, 18th Sep 2016
Jemma's Canadian Adventure
by Guest Speakers

Jemma shares about her time over in Canada at the Catch the Fire Toronto, School of Ministry. She tells us about the Worship module, about life at the school, her experiences and what she learnt.

Sun, 11th Sep 2016
Our 3 Values at Hemel Hempstead Community Church
by David Young

David explains and explores our three main values at HHCC. Loving God, loving our neighbours as we love ourselves and loving our community.

Sun, 4th Sep 2016
Relationship with God
by David Young

Davids speaks on how pursuing a relationship with God is the most important thing. He explains how it's not about religion or trying to be good, but about having a real, open, honest relationship with your heavenly Father.

Sun, 28th Aug 2016
Forgiveness, God's Default Setting
by David Young

David goes back to the sacrifice Jesus made at the cross. He speaks about how Jesus revealed that forgiveness and love are at the core of Gods heart. Forgiveness is God's default setting, and David challenges us to ask ourselves, what is our default setting?  

Sun, 21st Aug 2016
A New Way of Thinking
by David Young

David talks about the way in which we learn to grow in believing God to do impossible things. As our own ways of thinking can sometimes trip us up, David encourages us to learn to think like God does.

Sun, 24th Jul 2016
Live a Life Worthy of Jesus
by David Young

David looks at Colossians 1 and explores the life of Jesus. Focusing on how he did not live for himself, but to please his Father.

Sun, 17th Jul 2016
What God Says & What We See
by David Young

David looks at Luke 8 v 22-25. Jesus is in a boat with his disciples when they are hit by a storm. David talks about 5 things that you should do in a storm, and how, in any situation, what God says is more important than what we see.

Sun, 3rd Jul 2016
Samuel - God's Blueprint for Government
by David Young

This is a our final look at the life of Samuel. David looks at the blueprint God gave Samuel for a change in government and how this is still relevant for good governance on all levels today.

Sun, 26th Jun 2016
Samuel - The Hannah Heart
by David Young

David reflects on Hannah, how she refused to allow the taunts of her adversary to crush her heart and how when we are waiting for God to act He is working inside our hearts.

Sun, 5th Jun 2016
Daniel - The Lion's Den

Sally looks at this story and talks about Daniel, orphans, sons, lions, Jesus, the Israelites and us. She asks us to consider how we respond to God when our relationship with Him is tested.

Sun, 22nd May 2016
Joseph - Reflections of Jesus
by David Young

David looks at the life of Joseph and highlights the reflections of Jesus that we can see throughout this story.

Sun, 24th Apr 2016
Created for Love
by Guest Speakers

Denise and Kristine share with us how we were created to be loved by God, how we can walk with Him all the time and when we lean into Him we can be everything we are not.

Sun, 17th Apr 2016
Joseph - We break things & God mends things
by Phil Young

Phil looks at the life of Joseph and talks about how he became great through serving others. He reflects on the perseverance, character and hope that we see in Joseph and God's bigger plan.

Sun, 10th Apr 2016
Identity in God
by Guest Speakers

Guest speaker, David Cokayne shares about the ministry of Crossover who work locally in secondary schools in Hemel Hempstead and our identity in God and how the power of God inside us makes a difference.

Sun, 28th Feb 2016
Mail Man for God

Liz shares on the prophectic and the delivery of prophetic words to others. Watch the youtube clip shown here:

Sun, 21st Feb 2016
The Love that God has for us
by David Young

David shares about what a close relationship with the Father looks like, reading from Song of Songs and relating this to Valentine's Day.

Sun, 14th Feb 2016
Intimacy with God
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek and Penny share about our realtionship with God, stories from their recent trip to Kenya and on how the Kindgom of God is like a rippling effect.

Sun, 7th Feb 2016
Being a part of God's Family
by David Young

David shares about family and sharing life togther as a church body and in our relationship with God.

Sun, 31st Jan 2016
Growing in God
by David Young

David shares on the need to have the word of God and the spirit of God in our lives. With just the word of God we dry up, with just the spirit of God we blow up, but with both in balance we grow up.

Sun, 24th Jan 2016
The Language of Heaven is Love
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek & Penny Oliver share about their recent season in Kenya and on how the ultimate language of heaven is love.

Sun, 17th Jan 2016
Accelerated Growth - Change is here!

Liz shares on some words God has given her for the new year about change and accelerated growth and the excitment of this.

Click on the link to watch the Youtube video

Sun, 10th Jan 2016
New Year, New Resolutions
by David Young

David shares about knowing and expienencing the love of God and New years resolutions, reflecting on the year to come through Jesus. The jump at the beginning is due to techinical difficulties

Sun, 3rd Jan 2016
It's about Jesus
by David Young

David shares on Jesus' life, his ministry and reflects on the Christmas season to come.

Sun, 13th Dec 2015
The Why Question

Liz shares her heart on asking God the 'Why' question, trusting in Him and giving over your worries and anxieties to Him.

Apologies for the jump at the beginning of the podcast, this was due to some technical difficulties on the day.

Sun, 6th Dec 2015
How Great is the Love
by Guest Speakers

Norman & Margaret Moss have been Reigonal Co-ordinators for Partners in Harvest for as long as David & Caroline can remember! 

Margaret shares stories of her experiences seeing others transformed by God's love, healing and making the commitment to follow Jesus from her perspective. Norman shares on intimacy with Jesus and what this looks like for each one of us. 

Sun, 8th Nov 2015
Making Room for Growth
by David Young

David shares about making room for growth and how the life of God in us can be released so we can strengthen people connected to us.

Sun, 1st Nov 2015
Season of Suddenlys

Liz shares her heart on a word God has given to the church on embracing a Season of 'Suddenlys', whether it's in your work life, personal situations or your walk with God. 

Sun, 25th Oct 2015
Angelic Protection
by David Young

David talks about his recent car accident and testifies about how God protected his life. He shares about how God is always there to help us, even in the time of our greatest need. 

Sun, 18th Oct 2015
There are no buts with God

Liz encourages us to understand our identity and walk in truth. She shares how there are no buts with God and how He prepares us for His suddenly's.

Sun, 11th Oct 2015
Making the Impossible Possible
by David Young

David talks about being bold in witness with action and words. How God's word releases life giving power making the impossible, possible

Sun, 4th Oct 2015
The Father of Truth
by David Young

David shares about the fact that God is the father of truth and just because the facts of our circumstances can appear to be in conflict with His nature and character, it does not change the truth of who is and what He has said

Sun, 27th Sep 2015
The Sound of Heaven
by Guest Speakers

Guest speaker Tom Allsop shares about how the words that we speak have power and how we can resonate on the same frequency as God


Sun, 20th Sep 2015
A Season of Suddenly's

Liz shares about us entering into a season of God's suddenly's, having gratitude with attitude and how, as we remain in Him, we will bear fruit

Sun, 13th Sep 2015
The Call of the Caller
by David Young

David talks about how we respond to the call of God to us. When we hear God calling us it is not about the call, it's about the one who is calling us who is faithful.

Sun, 30th Aug 2015
Returning to Kenya
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek & Penny Oliver share with the church family before returning to Kenya and talk about how the wealth of the church is found in the nations and the wild goose of the Holy Spirit.

Sun, 30th Aug 2015
Moved by Love...
by Derek & Penny Oliver

Derek & Penny Oliver share about loving our neighbours, communities and the nations.

Sun, 2nd Aug 2015
Every Contact Leaves a Trace
by Guest Speakers

Keith Evans, a sergeant in the Herts Constabulary and the local branch rep for C.P.A (Christian Police Association), shares his perspectives on how the church can support the police and shares from his personal testimony.

Sun, 26th Jul 2015
What's God's Glory All About?
by Guest Speakers

Bob Kilpatrick shares from Exodus and what God's glory is really all about.

Sun, 12th Jul 2015
Knowing His Power in Your Life
by David Young

David shares part four on the Apostolic prayer and about knowing the power of God in your life.

Sun, 5th Jul 2015
Dereliction of Duty

Graham shares about his journey with prayer for healing. Watch the youtube video here:

Sun, 21st Jun 2015
A Glorious Inheritance
by David Young

David speaks on the Apostolic prayer in Ephesians 1 and that the eyes of our hearts would be enlightened.

Sun, 7th Jun 2015
Eating in the Presence of my Enemies

Sally, a clinical psychologist, gives her perspective on stress and adversity and how that affects our relationship with God. 

Sun, 31st May 2015
Hope: The Joyful Expectation of Good
by David Young

David speaks about Hope and the joyful expectation of good.

Sun, 24th May 2015
You Make Me Brave

Liz speaks about bravery in God and reads about David. 

Sun, 17th May 2015
Speak Up!

Graham shares his thoughts on the power of words. Watch the video here

Sun, 10th May 2015
Our King is Doing Well
by David Young

David speaks about the King, the Kingdom and the extension of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Sun, 3rd May 2015
Revelling in Revelation

Liz speaks on her recent trip overseas and on receiving, testing and revelling in prophecy.

Sun, 26th Apr 2015
A family of Believers
by David Young

David speaks on foundational truths about accessing and extending the Kingdom of God and what this means for us as believers.

Sun, 19th Apr 2015
Easter Celebration
by David Young

David shares his perspective on the Easter Story and relationship with Jesus.

Sun, 5th Apr 2015
A Biblical Perspective on Israel

Graham shares his heart on a biblical perspective on Israel.

Click the links to watch the youtube videos shown:
1. Isreal: 65 years of Achievement
2. Holocaust Remembrance Day Siren

Sun, 22nd Mar 2015
Together but not The Same

Liz shares about our gifts as individuals and her time in Germany. Watch the video Liz shares about half way through

Sun, 15th Mar 2015
People Power
by Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker, Laurence Singlehurst, speaks on People Power and how we can make a difference and bring light into our own communities. Unfortunately due to technical issues, the Saturday session was not recorded.

Sun, 1st Mar 2015
The River of God

Graham speaks about Ezekiel 47 and The River of God.

Sun, 22nd Feb 2015
A Future And A Hope
by Guest Speakers

Guest speakers, Kim and Jo Hobbs, describe the journey that God has set before them, giving up career and home to work with ex-offenders and people suffering with dependencies of various kinds. They explain that the Gospel of Jesus is truly for everyone and show how churches can welcome and support ex-offenders who are returning to life after prison.

Sun, 8th Feb 2015
The Worship Critic
by David Young

David talks about the dynamic of gathering together to worship God and how the worship critic inside of us can stop us from participating in worship and appreciating it's true value

Sun, 1st Feb 2015
Running the Race Well
by Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker, Rick Oldland speaks on Running the race well.


Sun, 25th Jan 2015
Green is for Go!

Liz shares on her time ministering in Cornwall last weekend, physical healing and the art of going when God gives you a green light.

Sun, 18th Jan 2015
How are you Feeling?
by David Young

David shares on the role feelings play in our lives and ministering love and light into all situations.

Sun, 11th Jan 2015
What is the Church supposed to do?

Graham brings us part two of his 'What is the Church?' series. To watch the video shown in this talk, visit our facebook or twitter page.

Sun, 7th Dec 2014
Knowing God as Father

Derek & Penny Oliver share about the Partners in Harvest FIRE values and on knowing God as Father.

Sun, 30th Nov 2014
Keeping your Love alive

Liz Floutier shares on keeping your love alive in your relationship with God.

Sun, 16th Nov 2014
What is the Church?

Graham shares his thoughts on what the Church is and how we see the Church.

Sun, 9th Nov 2014
Baptised in His name
by David Young

David Young shares about how baptism is about family and a statement of who you are and whose you are.

Sun, 2nd Nov 2014
Remain in Him

Abbie Elkins speaks on John 15 and remaining in God.

Sun, 26th Oct 2014